I recently watched a video by Justin Chapple the Mad Genius on basting a turnkey using cheese cloth.  This looking interesting and so I tried this on our Thanksgiving Turkey.  It worked as advertised and is something I will do when roasting a chicken as well. The method is quite simple.  You soak a piece … Continue reading BASTING A TURKEY

Easter Kielbasa

Last night I got a head start on our traditional Easter dinner by making Easter Kielbasa.   This is a carryover tradition from Vera’s family, her father would make kielbasa for Easter and I have been making ever since we got married.  Vera makes the Paska (Easter Bread) today. My kielbasa is neither smoked nor spicy … Continue reading Easter Kielbasa

Lunch at J’s Asian Cafe

Today son Mike treated me to lunch at a new local restaurant – J’s Asian Café on Jones’s Bridge Road in Johns Creek, GA.   They just opened and specialize in Chinese, Thai, Malaysian and Sushi.  They took over a spot of a failed restaurant in a small strip center and this almost never turns out … Continue reading Lunch at J’s Asian Cafe